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awaiting connection - Error connecting to a WaW server


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awaiting connection

no player can connect to the server and only "awaiting connection" appears!
99.99% of this error is due to the server and has to do with the authorization of the server on the master server,
It doesn't matter whether it is an original or a cracked server.

To solve this error you have to tell your server that no error occurred during the authorization,
this can be done with the sv_dwlsgerror command.

Code: Select all

sv_dwlsgerror 0 = no error
sv_dwlsgerror 1 = is error
If you send your server a sv_dwlsgerror 0 at regular intervals, this ensures that the connection is always open.

It is best to send it every 60sec. A shorter interval could cause the server to crash and a longer interval than 60sec. could cause an awaiting connection again.

The sv_dwlsgerror 0 command can be sent via any Rcon tool such as IW4MAdmin, phpAdminTool or an external admin tool that only sends this one command.

Our servers have been running for 4 months without a restart and there were no more known awaiting connections.

We use a small rcon tool that was specially created for this purpose.

A batch file regulates the restart of the tool and the tool itself only sends the command.

batch file:

Code: Select all

@echo off
@title CoD WaW sv_dwlsgerror 0

@echo (% date%) - (% time%) send sv_dwlsgerror 0
echo (% time%) send sv_dwlsgerror 0 to
rcon_waw.exe "" "rconpassword" "sv_dwlsgerror 0" "0" "10"

echo (% time%) send sv_dwlsgerror 0 to
rcon_waw.exe "" "rconpassword" "sv_dwlsgerror 0" "0" "50"

echo ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
goto start
the batch file must be in the same directory as rcon_waw.exe.

rcon_waw.exe can be started with 4 parameters
1 = serverip: port
2 = server rcon password
3 = debug console on or off where 0 is off and 1 is on
4 = how long should the rcon_waw.exe pause before it is exited in seconds.

Our Rcon tool with batch file as download:
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