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[MAP] Battery


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Yes, another remake, this time is battery from waw.
The history is basically about how these guys get the summoning key
and give it to the reporter from Shadows Of Evil.

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Created By: Gogeta, Espi_thekiller & Shippuden1592.
  • Features:
    *Mostly ww2 weapons
    *10 perks(8 original perks + widows and cherry)
    *Custom perk bottles and icons
    *Custom Wonder Weapon
    *Panzer Soldat
    *Thief from five
    *Bouncing Bettys
    *Shadows of evil hud(kind of)
    *Shadows of evil mistery box
    *Muzzle Flashes
    *Custom Characters
    *Gorod Krovi round music
    *Custom monkey bomb
    *Easter Egg
    *Boss Fight
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