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[MOD] Zombies - Reimagined v1.2.0


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Zombies - Reimagined


  • General
    • Insta kill rounds (rounds where zombies have round 1 health) happen every odd round starting at round 163
    • Any hintstring that previously showed "Press & hold" or "Press" at the beginning has been changed to only show "Hold"
    • Power hintstrings on classic maps have been changed to show the same hintstring on non classic maps
      Hintstrings are now invisible while the current action is not available for the player
    • Round now ends immediately when last zombie is killed (previously up to a one second delay)
    • Intermission time decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
    • Maps now auto restart in coop after intermission
    • Maps now auto restart correctly (box location gets randomized again)

    more infos :

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